1. With the health and safety of our clients, our team and communities as our primary priority, and in line with various statutory measures taken to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, we closed our offices on the 28th March 2020.
  1. We advise that the firm continues to operate remotely and meetings continue to be held online via video or voice conference calling or other discussions by mobile telephony.
  1. While the nation is locked down, it is important that we preserve clients’ interests so as to ensure that none of these are negatively affected upon the lifting of the nationwide quarantine.
  1. We thus assure you that while there is little that can be done to move forward your litigation and other legal matters in this period, all measures are being undertaken to ensure that clients’ positions are secure.
  1. At this point we advise that the Chief Justice of Zimbabwe has directed the closure of all courts save for urgent matters and we are satisfied that these measures will not lead to surprises at the end of the lockdown.

Should there be any change in this position, we shall ensure that each affected client is notified of same and also advised of measures to ensure that interests continue to be protected. For any urgent issues please contact us on farai@mushoriwapasi.co.zw (+263 772 156 403); mwanatsa@mushoriwapasi.co.zw (+263 718 455 725); itai@mushoriwapasi.co.zw; info@mushoriwapasi.co.zw.

We wish you all good health in these uncertain times. 

Dated 30th March 2020


R F Mushoriwa                                                                      I V Pasi

Partner                                                                                                          Partner