On taking on a new client, we encourage that face to face meetings be held where possible to ensure that we get to know and understand our client better. This is also part of a broader ‘KYC’ policy which we have implemented at our firm.

Each client is allocated a partner in charge of their portfolio, regards being had to the department under which their interests fall.

With regard to corporates, we ensure that we enter into client specific service level agreements which serve to regulate the relationship between the lawyers and client.

We encourage regular meetings with clients to ensure that both parties are agreed as to current status of their matters and that client is pleased with the position and conduct of their matter. This ensures that any problems or misunderstandings of instructions, are quickly dealt with.

Depending on the nature of the cases at hand and also client needs, we may decide on receiving payment of a deposit before undertaking the work. In such case, the application of such deposit to fees earned by the firm will be properly advised to client through regular statements of account.

Our charges are based on the tariff recommended by the Law Society of Zimbabwe, a copy of which is supplied to clients on request.